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Atzi Hats has been manufacturing hat care products since 2010. The company's founder, M.M. Posner, designed and continues to refine the perfect hat carrying case. 
Daily wear, weather & frequent travel are not considerate to a hat. After spending hundreds of dollars on a hat that is both a staple & a signature wardrobe piece, it is distressing to have your hat so easily and so quickly become damaged and ruined. 
Our goal at Atzi Hats is to create affordable hat care products, fashioned with care, consideration, and attention to detail to meet your lifestyle needs, from the tip of the crown to the trim of the brim. Our designs take into account the size of the ribbon, the depth of the pinch, the height of the crown, and the width and slope of the brim. We use top quality materials and manufacturing techniques to produce firm, functional and affordable hat care products. 
Whether you never leave home without it, or you save it for special occasions, you shouldn't have to worry about your hat. Caring for a hat should be simple and you should be able to wear yours with ease, comfort and confidence, throughout your day and throughout your life!

E-mail: info@atzihats.com
Address: 210 Division St., Kingston PA 18704
Phone: 570-718-8357