Styling and Taking Care of Your Fedora

When you find that perfect fedora — the one that mixes style and comfort, that everyone says is just so “you” — you want to wear it everywhere and you want it to last. At Atzi Hats, we’re as crazy in love with fedoras as you are!

Woman wearing a black hat

Newest Styling Trends for Fedoras

There’s no question — wider brims are in. Sometimes this can make a fedora look more like a cowboy hat, but there’s an easy trick to fixing that. Cowboy hats distinctively curve up on the sides. Make sure your sides are mostly flat and curve your brim down at the front. The front curve creates that timeless fedora drama that’s always in fashion.

Well dressed man wearing a black hat

Outfits You Can Elevate With a Fedora

Need to quickly elevate your coffee-with-friends outfit into something a little more nice-evening-out? Throw on a fedora and a jacket that matches your fedora’s color, or go for a dramatic contrast (a white jacket and a colored fedora always makes a statement!) Even jeans and shorts are elevated with that classy combo.

Close up of a white fedora

Taking Care of Your Fedora Hat

If you’re wearing your fedora everywhere, your hat will get a little sweaty inside (no shame — it happens to us, too.) A damp cloth cleans out sweat, then turn out the inside band and leave it somewhere to completely dry. Your fedora may need regular brushing to remove dust and fuzz. A specialized hat brush works best to help keep hats looking like new!

Adventurous man wearing a brown hat and backpack

How To Store and Travel With Your Fedora

You may be hopping on a plane or packing up to move to a new home. Either way, you want your favorite fedora to get there safely. That’s why you need to know that hat carrier cases are a thing! We make hard-sided cases that are hat-specific (fedora hat travel case anyone?) to protect your hat and keep its shape.

All hat lovers feel better wearing their favorite hat. Atzi Hats can help make your hat last! No matter if you need a baseball hat travel case or a western hat carrier, we’ve got your perfect hat cases and accessories! Learn more about how to protect your hats while traveling!