Black felt fedora hat for men and boys. Affordable and fashionable. Lubavitch, Chabad, Chassidic, or anyone!

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About Us is the place where the traditional black hat breaks free of its traditionally steep price tag!

We know, all too well, how inconsiderate the weather is to a hat, how difficult it is for a hat to travel well, and the horrors a hat endures at the hands of small children and tight spaces. It’s difficult to spend hundreds of dollars on an item that is so easily damaged and ruined.

Our goal, at Atzi Hats is to create affordable hats fashioned with care and consideration to lifestyle and detail, from the tip of the crown to the trim of the brim. Our design takes into account the size of the ribbon, the depth of the pinch, the height of the crown, and the width and slope of the brim, and we use 100% wool felt to produce a firm, durable design.

Whether you never leave home without it, or you save it for special occasions, you shouldn’t have to worry about your hat. Buying a hat should be simple and you should be able to wear it with ease, throughout your day and throughout your life!

Amazing quality hat without losing an arm and a leg.

By Levi Brod

Wow, what can I say. I did not expect it all to be so great. From the service and answering questions to how easy and simple the ordering is. Amazing hat and price. Won't find anywhere else. Needed very much. I was debating about getting and did in the end. I should of done it in first place without any questions asked, and I urge you to do the same. What are you waiting for? Ker a velt!!!

By Zevi Edelstein

The best hat I have ever bought.

By Mendy Krinsky

Excellent costumer service. Excellent product for the price, and delivery was super fast! On top of it all, it comes with a very sleek hat case! I would mention though, that if you usually use Fedora Borcellinos, to go for one size smaller.

By Mordy Leimdorfer

Amazing hat. Well designed and beautiful. The hat came in a box specially designed for the hat and it came in 2 days!!! I recommend this hat to anyone who wants an affordable quality hat.

By Levi Raymond

This hat brush is amazing. My hat once fell off my head when I was walking down the street and it took forever for me to brush it off with my hands. With this brush you can do that in a second. Just give it a couple nice strokes and that's it. Also I totally recommend the Atzi hat because of how durable and affordable it is.

By Anonymous